Consultant traducteur Gorane-Zagawa et anglais, Fada, Tchad

Organization :
African Parks Network (APN), is a non-profit organization taking direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas, in partnership with governments and local communities. We apply principles concerning usual business practice and combine the revenue generated from the recovery of protected areas to the funds provided by funding partners and private donors. Our long-term objective is to become ecologically, socially and economically sustainable, in order to contribute to the development of impoverished areas. Currently, we are managing 18 national parks and protected areas in 11 countries covering over 14.1 million hectares in: Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, the Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In 2017, The Chadian Ministry in charge of the Environment and APN signed a collaborative protocol, planned for 15 years, during which APN takes responsibility to create and then manage as well as finance the Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve, located in North-East Chad.

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Context :

The Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve is looking for a translator Gorane – Zaghawa – English to facilitate a five-month long anthropology survey, which is the first step of the One Health Project: the final recourse for the iconic crocodiles of the Guelta d’Archeï.

Balancing biodiversity conservation and community livelihoods is a major challenge for sustainable management of protected areas (PAs). The Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve, with more than 30,000 nomads relying on its natural resources, is a typical example of socio-ecological systems. The Management Unit is therefore looking for synergies between all departments – especially those dealing with biodiversity, conservation and community development – to encourage a revolution of human value towards a sustainable planet where people live in harmony with nature. This is the philosophy of the One Health Project: the final recourse for the iconic crocodiles of the Guelta d’Archeï, a crosscutting project bringing several core activities (veterinary counselling, environmental education, animal husbandry, land use and resource management) together, highlighting the shared fate that links man and nature.

The first phase of the One Health project is a research anthropology survey. The aim of this survey will be to engage communities in a participative approach to conservation development, and identify an effective resource management system that releases pressure on the threatened habitat and species. This type of participative engagement will help establish a sense of local ownership towards a sustainable management of the Guelta d’Archeï, and set, since the beginning, realistic expectations between the ENCR and local communities. Pastoral communities are egalitarian in their local governance therefore a thorough understanding of who is accessing the resources is paramount to enable the setup of a system that maintains equity among all. People well-being and crocodile conservation are inextricably linked, hence, efforts put towards the first will pay dividends to the latter.

Objectives :

Assist the English-speaking research anthropologist during the data-collection phase of the anthropology survey by accurately and faithfully translating conversations between the researcher and the community members involved in the survey. Provide neutral translations without any personal interpretation while giving sufficient information for the researcher to understand the context he/she is working in. Translations will sometimes go from Gorane and/or Zaghawa to English, and sometimes from English to Gorane/Zaghawa. Help the researcher navigate through the local culture and traditions and inspire trust and confidence among communities.

 Key responsibilities :

  • Assist the researcher throughout the data-collection phase of the anthropology survey (casual conversations, interviews, meetings, etc) ;
  • Translate conversations (Gorane – Zaghawa – English) ;
  • Help the researcher understand the context she/he is working in and navigate through the local culture and traditions ;
  • Spend long periods of times (several weeks) in the field, camping, according to the nomadic lifestyle.

Signs of success :

  • The translator is able to easily translate all conversations from all directions ;
  • The translator is able to work in the field, for long periods of time, adjusting to a traditional lifestyle ;
  • The translator understands the principles of scientific methodology and provide neutral translations without personal interpretation ;
  • Trust is established between the translator and the researcher; the pair work well as a team ;
  • The research team (researcher + translator) engage positively with the communities, prompting good working sessions for the collection of reliable data ;
  • The researcher is able to engage communities in a participative approach to conservation development.

Duration of the mission :   Five (05) months.

Duty Station : Fada, Ennedi-Ouest, with missions in the RNCE and everywhere according to the needs ordered by the hierarchy.


  • Demonstrate excellent translating abilities from Gorane/Zaghawa to English and vice versa ;
  • Good knowledge of the Ennedi Massif, local culture and traditional beliefs ;
  • Showing interest in the project, beyond the expected duties of translating conversations ;
  • Demonstrated self-starter, high levels of personal motivation and initiative ;
  • Respect for the integrity of scientific methodology and data collection ;
  • Open and transparent way of communicating ;
  • Positive attitude ;
  • Good team spirit ;
  • Rigorous, on time and reliable ;
  • Patient and available ;
  • Good interpersonal skills ;
  • Experience working in hot and isolated areas ;
  • Ability and willingness to work in desert conditions ;
  • A university degree in language would be a plus but not compulsory.

How to apply :
To apply please send your application file to the Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve’s Director,

The file shall contain: the motivation letter explaining your interest to the position, the names and contact details (e-mail, address, telephone number) of three referees, the updated CV, the copies of diplomas and/or copies of previous work certificates.

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Métiers des services
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Activités associatives
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Abéché – Am Timan – Amdjarass – Ati – Bardaï – Biltine – Bol – Bongor – Doba – Fada – Faya-Largeau – Goz Beïda – Koumra – Laï – Mao – Massakory – Massenya – Mongo – Moundou – Moussoro – Ndjamena – Pala – Sarh
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Expérience entre 2 ans et 5 ans
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